Sending Mail

To send mail to all the other subscribers on the MDDL list, address it to

It is considered good form to include a Subject: line since most mail programs display that information if it is available. In addition, if you receive your mail in digest format, the index of the day's email is created from the Subject: line. If possible, make your subjects meaningful; "MORRIS Digest - May 12 to May 13" is not terribly helpful.

Flame wars are fairly infrequent on the MDDL, although some of the discussions shed considerably more heat than light. Be considerate. Remember, somewhere, someday, you may be dancing across someone you flamed and s/he may have a long memory and a longer stick. Personal attacks on the list are straight out and will be dealt with promptly: once warned, twice removed.

For more information, visit the Sending a Message guide.