Listserv Online Archives

Archives for the Morris Dancing Discussion Listserv began on April 10, 1995, coinciding with the date that the MDDL was set up at IUPUI.EDU - Indiana University / Purdue University at Indianapolis. (For history buffs, MDDL lived from October 1988 to April 10, 1995 at Syracuse University, but no archives were maintained at that site.)

On June 1, 2012, the MDDL was moved from the Listserv management platform to the Sympa platform. All of the archives from the old platform were migrated to the new system.

The archive can be searched. Use the "Search Archives" button on the right side of the screen (not the "Search Lists" search box in the upper left). You have to explicitly set the time period for the search, but caveat: selecting too many months greatly slows the search.

For more information, read the Reading the List Archive Online guide.